Carpet at Brother’s Flooring

Carpet at Brother’s Flooring

Looking to do a remodel, building a new home, or just need to replace old flooring that has seen better days? At Brother’s Flooring, we have a wide variety of flooring options, and one of our most sought after selections and best sellers is carpet. Great in most any space, carpet is a beautiful and versatile option. We have a wide variety of carpet brands, and an even wider variety of styles. No matter the project, style, or space, we have the carpet for you. But why choose carpet in the first place?


Carpet only has to be replaced every 15-20 years! When you choose carpet with us, you know that it will last. Longer lasting flooring means less money in the long run, and that you have what you want for the long haul.


The opportunities are endless with carpet. Some of the quality materials our carpets are made out of include polyester, wool, olefin, and nylon. Carpet flooringcomes in a variety of thickness and length, and even tangible patterns. The individually bound or stapled fibers mean that carpet doesn’t just vary in length and feel, but also in color. With endless color possibilities, carpet can give any space just the look you were going for. The flexibility of the look of carpet makes it an option for everything from a casual playroom to a formal dining room. The texture and colors make it a fun way to add a statement to your décor, or a neutral base for your style.


Carpet is arguably the most comfortable flooring option. It is installed with carpet pad underneath, so not only will your flooring have the “cush” of thousands of soft weaved fibers, but padding underneath that as well. The comfort of carpet makes it an ideal option for most any home or business. It is forgiving and easy on little (or big) feet.


Have you ever walked on tile bare foot in the middle of winter? If so, you know how unpleasantly shocking that can be. With carpet, you never have to worry about stone cold floors again. Not only does carpet feel warmer than other options, it also adds visual warmth and dimension to any room, and is a wonderful design piece that fits with virtually any style décor. It is soft on your feet, or on the hands and knees of a little crawler.

As we mentioned, the carpet possibilities are endless at Brother’s Flooring. We have showrooms in Spokane and Post Falls, with tons of samples and great customer service. Bring in your ideas, and we will help make them reality. Or, come in with a blank slate and we would love to lead you to the best possible flooring option for your space. We not only sell high quality carpets but LVP, tile, cork, bamboo, and many others. If you are starting a project look no further than Brother’s Flooring.

These are the available carpet flooring options we carry at Brothers Flooring: Shaw, Mohawk Smart Strand Forever Clean, Smart Strand Silk Forever Clean, Caress by Shaw Floors, Aladdin Commercial, Philadelphia Commericial, Dixie Home, Tuxet of California, Mohawk, Dream Weaver, Lexmark Residential, and Airo Unified Soft Flooring