There is no better time to go green than now. Eco-Friendly options are not just for a handful of expensive grocery stores anymore. Sustainable options are available for every aspect of life now, including your home. At Brother’s Flooring, one of the eco friendly flooring options we are proud to offer is bamboo. Bamboo flooring is made from the eco-friendly bamboo plant. Bamboo is fast growing, widespread natural vegetation. It grows to maturity in a fraction of the time as trees used for hardwood floors, making it a sustainable option. Bamboo flooring can be made in several different ways. Because it is technically a grass (characterized as being strong), the bamboo is engineered to produce a clean and beautiful flooring option. Bamboo’s natural color is very light, and looks fabulous with modern décor. However, bamboo flooring can be carbonized to darken the surface, so there is a small range of color options. There are also different “grains” to bamboo flooring, depending on the type, which makes it a great option for all décor. Often characterized as hard wood, bamboo offers a lot of the same benefits. It is durable and holds up well in any home. As far as cleaning goes, bamboo is as straightforward as it gets. A simple mop with mild soap will get this easy to clean flooring sparkling again. Another great advantage of bamboo is like traditional hardwood floors, it can eventually be refinished. It holds up well long term, and then when refinished bamboo looks brand new again.

As far as pricing, bamboo is very competitive with hardwood floors. You can call us today for a quote, or come to our show room and see what options we have that fit your needs. At Brothers Flooring we carry Cali Bamboo. However, we carry a wide range of flooring options suitable for any project: carpet, hardwood, LVP, tile, laminate and more! Stop in our showroom today to have a look around, or check out our gallery of recent projects.